About Us

Explicitly, PC Martx is highly a ranked distributer of refurbished technological tools and leading market place in the Fox valley area in Wisconsin, empowering millions of sellers to build a strong customer relationship. PC Martx provides a of myriad of refurbished computers, computer equipment. Which goes hand in hand by its exceptional, easy access, and direct services all around the globe.

PC Martx recognized the lack of high quality of restored and updated computer components on the market today. Therefore, we began offering extraordinary services and raising the standard of the industry, specifically in Wisconsin.

Technology is always changing and has unlimited potential regarding our day to day lives. That is why our company is dedicated in making high sale technological tools that aid growth and skills for the future. We are striving to meet the challenges of market by introducing high quality and innovative devices.

In general, we collect both standard & customized computer equipment from various locations and return to our customers with the needed features of today. We work with all types of computer equipment including hardware, software, memory, processor hard disks, input/output devices, data storage devices, core computer components, mobile phones and many more. We work hard to make sure all devices are fully functioning and in perfect maintenance. Furthermore, we have sold virtually all types of computer systems and can offer a complete one-year warranty on all our products.

We guarantee that all our products come with an excellent internal functionality and physical appearance. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you should be unsatisfied. Additionally, we are always growing, and currently expanding our network by engaging with more professional refurbishers.

We also have the second-hand laptops and desktop computers with manufacturer’s warranty. We guarantee to meet your requirements as our team is always available to assist you on finding the right product for you and your needs. We seek solutions to all your needs regarding devices and their rate. We deliver directly to you and will handle any kind of paper work and resources regarding your purchase to build a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship.

All needs are evaluated by our experts and consultants to assure you that we are fitting you with the necessary items for your needs of now and the future. Additionally, we offer discounts to many of our clients, and pledge to furnish them with automated and advanced machine tools that run parallel to their needs.

Along with our caring and professional staff, we offer a first-rate product at a reasonable price with a long-term warranty. It is our commitment to you to fit you with a product that fits your needs, and future development.